Song Lyrics


Let’s sing and play a tune
Let’s dance and let the show begin

Surrounded by the sea and mountains
The cold wind breezes
The blue waves sparkle
The phantom opera-house appears

Welcome to the theater
The bells are ringing, the curtains go up
Wrapped in light, this is the theater of dreams
Hold my hand and I will take you to a time of wondrous magic
Where the winds sing and the waves dance to the melody

Let’s sing
To all those who will tell the story of the land
I will lead you to the theater of the future
Let us send this voice to a new tomorrow of growing dreams

AR Point No.1

A Song to Create the Future

Beyond my cold breath, I saw
A collapsed wharf and waves quietly approaching

With every full moon, we weave the threads of history
I will keep singing to never forget
Together with a thousand thoughts

AR Point No.2

The Cycle of Life

Life’s vital pulse gives birth to new life
I will pass down the winding story

The sound of our breathing echoes
From the sea to the land, and into the sky
Let it soar strong
Eventually, they will come around

The sound of our breathing will clear tomorrow
Let us pass down the winding story

AR Point No.3

If You Look From the Sky

Close your eyes and see through the day
The view of the world appears and disappears
Drifting clouds remember everything
Chasing the tracks of tomorrow’s dreams
Inside the shining light, it soars down

AR Point No.4

The Story of a Mysterious Light

Inside the box, a light show conjures
Dreams of traveling the mysterious world
Spinning, flickering, shining photographs that move
They show fleeting dreams of a beautiful future

AR Point No.5


Let this singing voice reach you
With pride in your heart and a vow
Raise the flag so you don’t get lost
Keep singing, tears give strength to walk
Keep singing, here in this place

AR Point No.6

Into the Skies of Freedom

Can you hear the bells ringing?
They soar into the sky
Ah, what awaits beyond
A door that promises freedom
In step with the drums
A hymn descends from the sky
Ah, grasp those hands
For hope and joy

AR Point No.7

A Song of a Daughter Who Waits for Their Return

Under the clear sky
The sail is hoisted, the anchor is pulled up
We catch the wind and leave the port
With clasped hands, we bid farewell

Where will the ship go?
Not knowing where you are now
I can only pray and wait
I know you will come back

The days we spent supporting each other
Waiting for the break of dawn is my struggle
Putting faith in hope and sent out to the sea
I wait for your return

Under the clear sky
You return safely with companions and the ship
I waited so long for this day of joy
My wish has come true

AR Point No.8

If You Watch From the Heavens and Keep Singing

Gazing at this land, I will protect it
Now and always

The days we spent together
Here in this place

Voices of soaring joy turn to song
They echo high in the sky

Together we play and dance
Now and always
They echo up high
They echo